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Alice Will by Ashley Chappell TLC Book Tour

Book Description

November 13, 2012
 With her leaky powers and premature smiting problem, fourteen year-old Trotter was still just trying to get the hang of the demi-godding business when the apocalypse began. In a world where the gods have withdrawn from humanity, leaving mortals bitter toward magic, she finds herself torn between the human and the goddess in her as the world begins to fade away and she becomes the prime suspect. When her search to determine the cause and prove her innocence ends up revolving around a mysterious little girl named Alice, she discovers that not all of the gods had been as distant as they seemed... Now, with everyone against her and the gods fighting amongst themselves, Trotter is on her own to save her world and stop a spiteful god from using Alice to destroy everything.
My thoughts: 
Chappell has created a world where magic lives side by side with reality, where gods have been banned from the reality of the humans they created for their own good.  Trotter is a fourteen-year-old girl who lives on her own.  Her father is a god she has never met and her mother died when she was born.  Her companion is a talking cat, a cat who was once human but was turned into an enchanted cat who has more than one life.  It turns out that Trotter is not the only one who has powers in the human world, and the powers of one little girl have the potential to end the world for everyone.  This lonely little girl is Alice.  Alice is a poor servant who lives in a cupboard under a bar in a tavern and her orders are always the things that Alice will do, hence her name is Alice Will.
The book cycles through reality, gods, fantastical beasts and creations and the willingness to forget the needs of others for ones own gain and the ability to be selfless and forget the needs of self for the greater good.  It is a journey through great highs and great lows with a  lot of surprises thrown in.  There were strains of Harry Potter (the ability to do magic and the cupboard as a room) and Percy Jackson (gods as parents who don't understand the human or demi-god wants needs and desires).   But through it all it is world of her own creation, one I am not sure I would want to visit, but interesting just the same!

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  1. Thanks so much for the read and review, Jill! I'm glad you enjoyed Alice Will :-) I always thought I'd love to visit Realm just to see it - but preferably from a distance! ;-)

  2. My son was a huge fan of both the Harry Potter books and the Percy Jackson books so I think he'd enjoy this one as well.

    Thanks for being on the tour!