Monday, November 7, 2011

It's Monday, What are you reading?

Last week was a tough week with not having electricity and therefore Internet and all that for four days.  I did get more time to read than usual as there were less distractions, but reading with candles, flashlights and reading lights isn't idea either.

Last week I finished two audio books, The Tale of Desperaux and Clementine.  I don't think I finished any other books.  I am still reading Dating a Cougar on my Ipod, The Lost Saint by Bree Despain and Silence by Becca Fitzpatrick along with The House of Hope for a Litfuse blog tour.  Last week I spent a lot of time trying catch up on laundry and such from the days without power and worked out a little extra to make up for the days when I couldn't.  (I didn't want to get sweaty and not be able to take a shower and we were mostly in survival mode.  It kind of made me wish we belonged to a gym again because a number of people I know went to the gym not only to work out but also to be able to take a shower!)  I still have some books I've read  to review that I haven't gotten to yet.  Hopefully I'll catch up on that back log this week.


  1. Hope you enjoy your reading week! I feel for those who lost power...I can't seem to function with just a few hours without, which hasn't happened in awhile (knock wood!); but four days? Seriously bad. But it sounds like you made it through.


  2. Some week life just intrudes on our reading time, huh?

    Darling picture on your header. I'm sure that this is my first time visiting.


  3. When we lost power over the summer, I found it hard to read. I think it was being hot and cranky that made it tough for me. I can't imagine being cold and without power. Not fun at all!