Tuesday, January 31, 2012


This week I did much better eating wise than in prior weeks.  I stayed under my calories for the week by 464!  I am not sure if I've ever stayed under that much to date!

Exercise wise:
Ran 29 miles
Walked 3 miles
1 Fitness Workout- Latin Cardio Dance from Dancing with the Stars

My long run was 9 miles this week and I have worked on getting a little bit faster.  I got outside with friends once and ran a practice for this weekends 10K on my own doing my best to follow the map of the course.  I  made a wrong turn and added .2 to the run, but I have a good idea what the course looks like and know I've already done it, so that should take some of the anxiety away this weekend.  Now I just need to decide how many days prior to the race to take off, at least one, but maybe two.  Depends how I am feeling.  I have two different training plans that I am alternating between for the half marathon, so this week I don;t have quite as long a run which is good with the current race.  My long run is supposed to be 7 but I may just count the 6.2 as I don't want to do that too close to the race.

Personal Milestone:
This week I reached 100 miles of running for the month, which is my highest monthly running amount since I started running last summer. 


  1. Wow! Congrats on the milestone! That is so awesome! I am not a runner but am impressed by those who do!

  2. Amazing job! I need to work on counting calories... I just eat too much (since I'm running crazy mileage right now).

    Have a wonderfully success week ahead.

  3. Congratulations...keep up the good work