Friday, June 21, 2013

Saturday Snapshot-Last Day of School

Summer is going by so fast already, we are already a week and a half into it!  The end of the school year just seemed to creep up so fast, but it has now been and gone.  I have to start taking pictures of the things we are doing as this is my most recent shot.  So far this summer my children have gone to the pool, gone to the water park, been to an amusement park twice, watched a movie in the theater, had a movie night at home, watched a children's play, gone out to eat, played in the backyard, started the summer reading program at the local library, played baseball and gone to karate class.  It makes me tired even looking at the list.  They  have had downtime as well, but there have been very few "I'm bored" utterances. 


  1. The summer soltice affects everyone with a smile. Who can say no to the summer.