Friday, May 21, 2010

Montana Destiny by R.C. Ryan

Product Details
Pub. Date: May 2010
Publisher: Grand Central Publishing
Format: Mass Market Paperback, 352pp
ISBN-13: 9780446548632
ISBN: 0446548634

They're the McCords...three rugged, sexy cowboy cousins who'll inherit the family range--if they seek the treasure hidden on it. But even more precious are the women who can tame their wild hearts...

Emergency medic Marilee Trainor likes her freedom and lives for trouble. But when she stumbles upon a clue to the legendary McCord gold, she 's suddenly in a mysterious killer's sights--and the arms of irresistible playboy Wyatt McCord. This McCord cousin has been everywhere, yet the ranch is the only place he feels at home. Now Marilee's courage and independence make him want to protect her, win her heart, and finally settle down. But trust is the one thing Wyatt and Marilee can't easily give. And their survival and everything they cherish depends on whether they can surrender to each other--to fight for their...
My thoughts:
I received this book for review through Hatchette Books and their book tours. I love finding new authors to read and enjoy. I requested to take part in this tour because it reminded me of Linda Lael Miller's various series about cowboys and ranches and I loved the fact that it contained a mystery. While I do enjoy romance I always enjoy it a bit more with a mystery thrown in there to add to the story.
I liked Wyatt and Marilee, they are likable characters. This is book two in a series, but even though I had not read the first one I had no problems picking up the series at this point and enjoying it. I've never read one of Ryan's books before either. On their first date the couple share a pizza and here is something I loved about it, they both really ate! You always read about people eating one slice of pizza and being full which may be very true for some people, but not for all. They each ate two slices and then had a third and that made it seem real to me. Plus I loved that they weren't considering how many calories they had eaten or anything like that, each time they went out to eat, and they went out a lot, they ate what they wanted and as much as they wanted and I loved it. Silly of course, and not the point of the story at all, but that element made these characters more real to me.
Finding out the back story of the small town, their families search for the missing gold, and pat relationships and how they affect the present, while watching this couple get to know each other and overcome their own obstacles due to their own pasts made this book and enjoyable read!

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