Monday, May 9, 2011

Geronimo Stilton Review: Free Comic Book Day: Geronimo Stilton and the Smurfs

Product Info:

Geronimo Stilton: (W/A) Geronimo Stilton

Smurfs: (W) Peyo (A) Yvan Delporte

A sampling of one of the bestselling children's books characters (over 12 Million sold, 300,000+ this year) plus a full-color Smurfs story! Geronimo Stilton, editor of the Rodent's Gazette stars in "Play it Again, Mozart", as the Pirate Cats travel back in time to Milan, Italy in the year 1770, to steal a symphony composed by Mozart. Plus: The evil Gargamel takes his battle with the Smurfs to the seas - with surprising results - in "The Smurf Submarine"!

Pages: 32, FC


My thoughts:
Saturday was Free Comic Book Day.  We visited one of our local stores and each of us got a free comic.  I was surprised when none of my children picked this one out so I picked it myself.  Since it has been at our house they have all either looked at it or read it.  So far I have only ever read one Geronimo Stilton book, but I really liked it and it kept my children engaged and interested.  In this one the Pirate Cats kidnap the professor and hide him in the Cretaceous Period.  Geronimo and his gang go to rescue him and meet some dinosaurs.  The story is not finished in this comic but continued in another one (all the better to get you to buy more of course!).  Included as well is a short comic with the Smurfs.  One of them builds a submarine and Gargamel tries to get him by building his own ship as well.
The illustrations were nicely done and look like the ones in the chapter books.  According to the forward there is a series of graphic novels for the Stilton book and comics for the Smurfs series as well.  I've never noticed either of these on the shelves at the comic book store but I guess I'll have to check out the children's shelf a little better the next time we go in.  It is easy to get overwhelmed at the store because there are so many comics, graphic novels, figures, manga books, movies and more displayed.  Click here to see the other comics from the free day.

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