Sunday, May 8, 2011

Rio: A Movie Review

We had another family movie day.  This time we split into two groups since the kids wanted to see different things.  I had the chance to see Rio in 3D.  As an added touch the kids got a bag of Silly Bands with their tickets.

In Rio Blu is a Blue Macaw who was stolen from Brazil and lost in transit to a pet store in Minnesota.  A little girl named Linda finds him and they become best friends.  Fifteen years later, while running a bookstore she meets Tulio who has come from Rio to find the last known male Blue Macaw.  He wants Linda to bring Blu to Rio to keep the species going with his female Blue Macaw, Jewel.  The birds are stolen and getting away is complicated by Blu's inability to fly.  Many lively creatures, many of them colorful birds, make appearances.  Also included are scenes from Carnival.

The segments with the birds flying and air dancing to music are really impressive.  A lot of the animals are really funny and the fight scene between the  monkeys and the birds was fun for my children.  At times the ineptitude of Linda and Tulio was  a bit overdone and there was a part when it started to drag for me, but my seven year old seemed to enjoy it the whole time.  My younger children lost interest, but it kept their attention for the span that seems appropriate for their age.

While the scenes in the jungle with the birds flying to music and the hang gliding scenes were neat in 3D, a lot of the movie would have been just as fine without the special effects.  My younger children have a hard time keeping the glasses on and I often wish more movies were offered without 3D, not just for price but because young kids can't keep the glasses on.

We enjoyed our morning at the movies and I would recommend Rio to other families.  I found a trailer for it on the official web site that I posted below for anyone who hasn't already seen it advertised on TV or at the movies.

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