Friday, June 11, 2010

Tate by Linda Lael Miller

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There are barely enough hours for divorced dad Tate McKettrick to run the Silver Spur ranch, do the suit-and-tie thing for his business and run herd on his beloved six-year-old twin daughters. But time stands still at the sight of Libby Remington. When they were high school sweethearts, the wealthy McKettrick couldn't convince Libby he loved her. But now they're both back in Blue River, Texas. And cattle rustlers, a manipulative ex-wife and a killer stallion can't keep him from trying again.
Libby has her hands full taking care of her mother—and running the Perk Up Coffee Shop. Caffeine, she needs. Tate McKettrick, with his blazing blue eyes and black hair? No. Oh, heck—yes. But can they really hope for a second chance?
My thoughts:
It has been so busy around here that I feel like I've barely had any time to read lately. I am experimenting with our laptop right now, but I keep getting kicked off. Hopefully I will be able to save this for when I am logged on again, but who knows.
I ordered this book from paperbackswap awhile ago but when I didn't get to it right away I decided to wait until it was closer to the release of the other two books in the trilogy so that I could read them all together. Less likely to forget details that way. I really like Miller's McKettrick family. Although these McKettrick's are related to the others it doesn't make any difference if you've read the other books or not. I think I have forgotten more details from the books than I remember, and I had no problem getting to know Tate and his brothers because they pretty much stand alone.
I enjoyed getting to know Libby and Tate and see her try to learn to trust him again after he had broken her heart years ago and I also liked the way Miller explored how to change one mistake might take away some of the good things that came from going down that path in life. That is a good lesson for all of us, even when things aren't perfect they may lead to something you might have missed had you not gone through the rough patch. I am looking forward to reading the next book in this series and it is in the mail to me from Paperbackswap right now. I just love that site. If you are a big reader and you haven't checked it out yet I highly recommend it!

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