Saturday, July 9, 2011

Never Swipe a Bully's Bear (Roscoe Riley Rules Series #2) by Katharine Applegate Illustrated by Brain Biggs


When Roscoe's stuffed pig goes missing, he is convinced that Wyatt, the class bully, is responsible. When Roscoe finds out where Wyatt keeps his teddy bear, he decides to give that old bully a taste of his own medicine. That will fix everything. Won't it?

My thoughts:
A few weeks ago my children and I attended a local event with authors and illustrators from our general area.  We heard Brian Biggs speak and then got to meet him at his table and have him sign our books.  We heard and met some other authors too, we just haven't finished reading their books yet so those reviews are going to be coming up later this summer.

This one was signed to my youngest.  I think he was holding it at the event because it even seems to have some teeth marks on the bottom.  I would have thought he was old enough to know better but you just never know with kids!

Each book starts with Roscoe sitting in time out for some rule he has broken, he then commences to tell what he did and how he ended up in time out again.  This time he thinks that the class bully has taken his stuffed pig, Hamilton, so he takes that child's bear.  It is a chance for children to see the need to have all the facts before jumping to conclusions and to have empathy for one another. 

Applegate does a good job sprinkling humor throughout her book.  Every so often something would strike my children funny and they all laughed at the same time. 

•Pub. Date: May 2008
•Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers
•Format: Paperback , 96pp
•Age Range: 7 to 10
•Series: Roscoe Riley Rules Series #2
•ISBN-13: 9780061148835
•ISBN: 0061148830

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