Friday, January 6, 2012

Library E-Books!

Today our local library started lending out e-books.  I checked out my first book this morning and have it loaded on my Kindle.  I also checked out an audio book but I cannot seem to get it to transfer to my Ipod.  Not quite sure what it is I'm doing wrong there.  I downloaded one audio book from audible last month and got it to work, but the library system is different and I know I am probably just missing some easy piece.  Hopefully I'll get it sorted out so I can listen to a book while running!

Happy New Year to everyone!  I don't know quite why I haven't posted in so long, but hopefully I'm back in the swing of things now.  Perhaps it is that I haven't finished a book so I didn't feel like I had a review to post, but I missed the Saturday Snapshot, It's Monday, What are you reading? and Checkpoint this week which I don't have any good excuse for.  Time to start thinking about what pictures to use tomorrow!

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