Monday, February 20, 2012


Last week had my second 10 mile run ever.  This time I did on the treadmill and I wanted to quit more than once, but I figured once I made it to the halfway point I would just have to do all that work again to get the run in and it was better to stick it out.  I also took a few days break from calorie counting.  Valentine's Day and knowing that as of Wednesday I will have given up potato chips and french fries led to the consumption of more sweets and fries than usual.

This week:
Ran 23 miles (4,5,10,3)
Walked 1 mile
No other exercises

I have been following two training plans, kind of putting them together to get ready for my first ever half marathon at the end of April.  I make sure to do the longest run either recommend and tend to also end up over the miles for both plans since they have different length runs and when I meet people to run, we try to go for 4 or 5 miles even if that is not what is written on the plan.  This weeks ten mile run felt hard.  I was super thirsty, maybe because I did it at the end of the day, but I have trouble drinking while running and if I stop I don't want to start again.  Even in races, I love the idea of a water stop, but unless I actually stop I spill the water and choke and always think it might have been better to have skipped it.  How do you manage to drink while still running?  Straw cups help a bit and I bet a water bottle with a closed sort of top might help too.  I've been pondering if I can run the whole half without drinking anything and I am thinking I will end up too thirsty at the end and compromise energy as I get thirstier.  Things to figure out in the next two months!

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  1. Great week. I don't run so I don't know if this will be helpful, but my current water bottle is a Klean Kanteen with a fancy lid that has a closed top that you suck on to get water out of it -- not much spillage and it's also a small amount of water at a time.

  2. Great week! Your training is coming along wonderfully. When I train people for a half a ten/eleven can be their long run so you should be set for the half, woohoo.

    Water: You need to drink 4-6oz whenever you decide to drink water (think juice glass). Try to working on this as you train so you can walk and drink quickly on race day.

  3. You had an awesome week! I stop to drink the water at the stops - it takes less than a minute, and I find that the boost it gives me is so worth the time.