Tuesday, January 8, 2013

finale by Becca Fitzpatrick (hush, hush sage #4)

Overview from Barnes and Noble:

Fates unfurl in the gripping conclusion to the New York Times bestselling Hush, Hush saga.
Nora is more certain than ever that she is in love with Patch. Fallen angel or no, he is the one for her. Her heritage and destiny may mean they are fated to be enemies, but there is no turning her back on him. Now Nora and Patch must gather their strength to face one last, perilous trial. Old enemies return, new enemies are made, and a friend's ultimate betrayal threatens the peace Patch and Nora so desperately want. The battle lines are drawn—but which sides are they on? And in the end, are there some obstacles even love can't conquer?

My thoughts:
This was one of my Christmas presents this year.  I've been looking forward to reading this book, but made myself wait until Christmas to read the final installment in the series.  I read it in one day.  I admit that I had to stay up since we had some other stuff going on during the day, but once I got into it I just wanted to keep going to see how everything resolved in the end.

I was a bit worried at the beginning that I didn't remember the end of the last book well enough.  Up until a couple months ago I could have gone to my shelf to look back, but I sold the rest of the series on ebay this fall while I was clearing off my shelves, so I had to go by memory.  Luckily Fitzpatrick does enough to job readers memory of past events by having them mentioned or remembered by one of the characters, so I was fine.

Nora is now the leader of the Nephilim since her biological father's, Hank who was also the Black Hand, death.  She swore an oath to lead the Nephilim against the fallen angels to stop the angels possessing the bodies of the Nephilim every Cheslem.  If she breaks her oath, she and her mother die, if she keeps it she and Patch can't be together.  She is looking for a loop hole and also realizing how being a Nephilim has it's drawbacks as well.  Her first lieutenant, Dante, starts training her for the upcoming confrontation.  Thrown in is her biological half-sister Marcie, who  has been her nemesis for years, her best friend Vee acting mysterious and keeping secrets, her mother believing that Hank is going to come back for her, Archangels, blackmail, and Patch's exgirlfriend.  A lot is going on leading up to the final showdown.  I was not expecting the way in which things ended, but I was satisfied with this book.  I stayed away from other readers reviews so that my opinion could be wholly mine and not influenced by others.

Product Details

  • ISBN-13: 9781442426672
  • Publisher: Simon & Schuster Books For Young Readers
  • Publication date: 10/23/2012
  • Pages: 455
  • Age range: 14 - 17 Years
  • Series:Hush, Hush Saga Series , #4

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