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The Artful Alphabet by Martina Jirankova-Linbrick

The Artful Alphabet

Overview from Barnes and Noble:

Sure to charm children and collectors alike, this artful alphabet book promises a new discovery each time one opens its whimsy-filled pages.
"A" is for the amazing abundance of art in this addictive alphabet book! Fine artist Martina Jirankova-Limbrick fills each page with a playful profusion of objects, characters, shapes, and scenes, each one standing for, starting with, or formed by a featured letter (don’t miss the swarm of "b"s flying by a hot-air balloon). An appealing, harlequin-like girl and an acrobatic dog lead a lighthearted journey from A to Z, while a final spread lists words to be found in the artwork, luring readers to return on a search for more hidden surprises.
Illustrations representing each letter of the alphabet reveal a variety of objects for the reader to identify.
My thoughts:
Another library find, this was a fun book to read and look for all the labeled items for each letter of the alphabet.  Sometimes the letter was the actual item, being drawn into it or sometimes it was and illustration with tiny lettering, but there were so many things to see and find on each page.  I love setting my children free at the library to pick out their own items, as they pick up things I might have overlooked or missed.  Every time we go we discover some new gems!

Product Details

  • ISBN-13: 9780763621872
  • Publisher: Candlewick Press
  • Publication date: 10/28/2003
  • Pages: 72

Meet the Author

Martina Jirankova-Limbrick was born in the Czech Republic and emigrated to England to study illustration in 1997. She says that her artwork, which has appeared in many exhibitions, galleries, and magazines, is inspired by poetry as well as traditional and modern fairy tales. Of THE ARTFUL ALPHABET, her first children’s book, she says, "I imagined a magic hat discovered by a little girl and her dog, from which letters of the alphabet emerged to create scenes of words. I wanted to be as playful as possible, to show letters not only as flat shapes but as characters."

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