Friday, July 28, 2023

Drowning by T.J. Newman


From Goodreads: Flight attendant turned New York Times bestselling author T. J. Newman—whose first book Falling was an instant #1 national bestseller and the biggest thriller debut of 2021—returns for her second book, an edge-of-your-seat thriller about a commercial jetliner that crashes into the ocean, and sinks to the bottom with passengers trapped inside, and the extraordinary rescue operation to save them.

Six minutes after takeoff, Flight 1421 crashes into the Pacific Ocean. During the evacuation, an engine explodes and the plane is flooded. Those still alive are forced to close the doors—but it’s too late. The plane sinks to the bottom with twelve passengers trapped inside.

More than two hundred feet below the surface, engineer Will Kent and his eleven-year-old daughter Shannon are waist-deep in water and fighting for their lives.

Their only chance at survival is an elite rescue team on the surface led by professional diver Chris Kent—Shannon’s mother and Will’s soon-to-be ex-wife—who must work together with Will to find a way to save their daughter and rescue the passengers from the sealed airplane, which is now teetering on the edge of an undersea cliff.

There’s not much time.

There’s even less air.

With devastating emotional power and heart-stopping suspense, Drowning is an unforgettable thriller about a family’s desperate fight to save themselves and the people trapped with them—against impossible odds.

My thoughts:  Last year I read Newman's first book, Falling, and really enjoyed it, so I was excited to give this one a try.  Both books were very fast paced and hard to put down.  There was a palpable sense of hurry and worry as you wondered how the characters would get through each of the challenges they encountered.  I love how Newman uses her knowledge of air planes and flying from her time as a flight attendant in the books.  It feels real, she really makes the time on the plane real.  I wonder if maybe the scenarios she comes up with are fears she had while she was working on planes.  

One of the big themes I saw was trust and the strength of relationships.  On the plane that crashes into the water there is a newly wed couple on their honeymoon and a couple who is celebrating 50 years together.  There is a father and daughter on their way to her first off island camp, one she thought she was old enough to fly to alone and that he wasn't ready to send her off to unaccompanied.  

On the crew trying to save them from the crash there are both military and civilians and a mom who has a lot invested in the outcome of the rescue operation as her daughter and estranged husband are aboard.

I found lessons in perseverance and pivoting.  How creative can you be and how much can you rely on your instincts and trust others?  Just as with her first book, it all happens within a pretty short span of time, racing along with some flashbacks to give us background information.

I would recommend this book!  If you use the link below you can grab it on Amazon.  If you use my link I will receive a small commission from your sale at no cost to you. 

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