Monday, October 5, 2009

"The Traveler" by Daren Simkin


This is a fable about a boy named Charlie who decides to pack up all of his time in a suitcase until he can find what he really wants to spend it on. He travels all over the globe looking for what he wants to spend his time on until he finally decides to go home. When he opens up his suitcase he finds out that he only has about a month of time left, he spent the rest of it searching for the perfect place to be while all his friends spent their time having fun, working at jobs and being happy.


I can see a lot of truth in this fable which is also illustrated by the brother of the author. So often instead of focusing on what is good about today we tend to look towards the future for something better. It is really a lesson on living in the moment and enjoying the here and now rather than waiting for everything to be perfect. You need to find the perfect in what you have and be happy, not to say you can't work towards making the parts of your life you dislike or are unhappy about better but if that is all you focus on ultimately you will never be happy. Smile more and find joy. Always a good idea!

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