Saturday, October 31, 2009

"Have a Little Faith: A True Story" by Mitch Album

I was surprised to find this book on the shelf at the library last week. I have enjoyed Album's books in the past and was looking forward to giving this one a try. It was very enjoyable. Although he condenses it into a one year period it covers a span of 8 years of getting to know his childhood Rabbi after being asked to perform the Rabbi's eulogy. At the same time as he is getting to know the Reb, the Rabbi's nickname, he also gets to know a pastor at a church closer to his new home in Detroit. As a sportswriter Album is used to traveling so he takes time to go to meet with the Reb in New Jersey and also regularly visits the I Am My Brother's Keeper Ministry that is housed in an old church that is falling apart. This book reminded me how important it is to slow down and get to know people, to stop relying so much on emails, text messages and technology and how much can be gained by face to face interaction with family and friends. Also, community is formed by getting to know your neighbors.

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