Sunday, November 1, 2009

Thomas Nelson Book Review Bloggers

I've reviewed three books for Thomas Nelson Book Review Bloggers for my blog and wanted to make sure I shared a few more details. I stumbled across this on another blog I was reading and was intriguied. If you go to the site and sign up and have a blog where you review books you can receive copies of books for free. On the site you can see reviews other readers have already done of books and can also access a list of books to select from to review. Once you select the first book you must reveiw it before being allowed to receive another book, but as soon as you post the review you are eligible to select another. So far all three of my books have been nonfiction, but there are also fiction selections. I have the button posted at both the top and bottom of my post or you can use this address . Check it out if you are interested!

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