Saturday, November 28, 2009

12 Blogs of Christmas

In my online reading today I came across multipleposts about the 12 Blogs of Christmas. I put the information I found below in case anyone else is interested in finging out more:

Starting December 12th, there will be a very exciting contest beginning called the 12 blogs of Christmas. Each day, a different blogger will be giving away a great prize for you to win.

The 12 Blogs of Christmas

Here are the 12 blogs:

Day 1 Neverending Shelf

Day 2 Literary Escapism

Day 3 Library Lizard Lounge

Day 4 Princess Bookie

Day 5 Ellz Readz

Day 6 The Page Flipper

Day 7 Luxury Reading

Day 8 Bites

Day 9 Shooting Stars Mag

Day 10 Book Rat

Day 11 The Shady Glade

Day 12 vv32Reads

See some new blogs? Some old favorites? Want to win 12 prizes? Stick around, it's gonna be fun!
Spread the word, steal the button-it links back to the 12 blogs update blog!

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