Saturday, August 27, 2011

How do you get ready for a storm?- Saturday Snapshot

So yesterday when we were getting ready for to be stuck indoors for Hurricane Irene we of course took a trip to the library.  Yes, we went to the store and stocked up on water and made sure the flashlights were working and there was food to eat and all that, but of almost equal importance was having some good books to read if we were without power.  Can't count on TV to fill all those hours even if we do have power!

I thought about it later that that one trip went pretty far to show exactly how important books and reading are to my family.  When we go on vacation we wouldn't dream of going with out books and of course an audio book for the car.  When we bought our car we didn't even think to consider getting a minivan with a DVD player, I never even thought of it.  I am sure if we had one we would enjoy it, but audio books have been such a part of our trips that I just never even thought about movies.  Just thinking back on the books we've listened to in the car brings back to me where we were going when we listened to it.  Like being stuck in a traffic jam after going to the zoo while listening to Harry Potter or going to the beach last summer and listening to Amber Brown is Not a Crayon.  Books are the background noise of my life.  The first time we spent a whole week at the beach my older two children still napped and I was pregnant with my third child, I took along seven books and read 6 1/2 of them mostly during naps and after they went to bed.  It was such a nice relaxing way to end the day.

Who else has some wild plans to read during this time?

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