Friday, February 22, 2013

Saturday Snapshot- Rainbow Cake!

I have seen so many recipes for cute rainbow layer cakes, but I don't have enough of any one size pan to make the layers at the same time and I don't really have space for more pans, so this afternoon we decided to try to do it all in one pan.  It turned out okay, now I know some things to do differently next time, but my children thought it was fun.  We made the cake in celebration that two of them have decided to run in our local Color Me Rad race with me in a couple of months.  They were even more excited when we heard today that the race had already sold out three days after registration opened!  I can't wait to have pictures of that to post!
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  1. I love that cake! When our son was a cub scout he and his dad always made very creative cakes for the
    Father-Son Cake Decorating contest. So much messy fun! But they both have birthdays coming up - they're a week apart in March and I would like to try this to surprise them. Can you give me some pointers?
    BTW, my Saturday Snapshot is up too.

  2. I've done pink sponges in the past, but never tried anything like this - it's lovely. My Snapshot is at