Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Clear Away the Clutter Challenge hosted by The Neverending Shelf

Clear the Clutter Mini Challenge is hosted by The Neverending Shelf at

I think this challenge will be very good for me. I copied the rules and guidelines from The Neverending Shelf below:

Clear Away the Clutter's purpose:

If you are like me, you have an abundant amount of review and TBR books that need desperately your attention. This mini challenge will challenge you to read and do something with those titles once they have been completed.

Your goal is read as many titles as you can and pass along those that you do not absolutely want to keep. This means that if you do not plan to reread a certain book at least once or twice... get rid of it, it is just clutter.


•The mini challenge begins March 1st and ends May 31st. You can join at anytime once the challenge as begun.
•Anyone is welcome to participate in the mini challenge.
•By the end of the challenge, you MUST get rid of all the titles that you do not absolutely love. You can hold a contest, donate, give to a friend, etc. Your ultimate goal here is to clean off your shelves.
•You do not have to have a blog to participate. If you are interested, please email me at neverendingshelf@gmail.com for more information.
•Please create a post for titles you plan to read. You can of course update and modify this list at any time.

•Once a novel is completed, let us know what you plan to do with it. You can put this information beside the title in your challenge list post. Right now, I am planning to host a large contest for all the novels that I read and do not absolutely love at the end of the challenge.
•Crossover with other Challenges is welcome.


Packrat: Read and clean out 5 titles
•Mini-packrat: Read and clean out 10 titles
•Organizer: Read and clean out 15 titles
•Cleaner: Read and clean out 20 titles
While I really hope to be a Cleaner and get through 20 books I know I will definitely be at least a packrat. As of tomorrow I will be mailing out three books, two that I sold on ebay and one that I am trading on paperbackswap as part of my overall year long goal of lightening the amount of stuff in my house. Plus I donated an ARC to a book tour and that should be going out later this week as well.
Here are 10 books to start and maybe I will revisit this on April 1st and double the list:
1. Seized by Max Hardberger
2. Who Owns the World
3. The Twilight Gospel- passed along
4. Power Points
5. How to Never Look Fat Again- passed along
6. Here Burns My Candle
7. Alice I Have Been- passed along
8. Eternal On Water-passed along
9. The Last Song
10. The Poacher's Son-passed along
Here is my current update for clearing away the clutter:
Mailed Out these books so far through Paperbackswap:
1. The Search for God and Guiness
2. Shadow Blade
3. Jordan
4. The Power of Respect
5. At Home in Stone Creek
6. Before I Fall
7. Power of Respect
8. Alice I Have Been
9. Eternal on the Water
10. How to Never Look Fat Again
12. Interview with the Vampire
13. The Vampire Lestat
14. Another Anne Rice (can't recall the name right now)
15. Dead Until Dark
16. Tempt Me If You Can
Sold on Ebay
1. Dinosaurs Before Dark
2. Mummies in the Morning
3. Knight Before Dawn
4. Pirates Past Noon
5. Tigers at Twilight
6. Ghost Town at Sundown
7. 6 More Magic Tree House Books
8. 10 Goosebumps Books
9. 10 Babysitter's Club Books
10 12 More Magic Tree House Books
11. 10 Pony Pals Books
12. 20 Goosebumps Books
Gave to Friends
1.Schooled in Lies
1. 12 Nora Roberts Books
Current number of books that I have cleared away: 102
Current number of books from original list of 10: 3
I'm not sure how with the number I have cleared away I still have so many books! I am going to keep plugging away at it. I hate to give up a book I know I want to read but just haven't had the time to get to yet, but sometimes I feel like I am living in a not very organized library!

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