Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Wonder Woman Retroactive 1980s

When Wonder Woman discovers that someone has stolen her identity and is using her name to commit acts of evil, she’ll have no choice but to confront her in battle. But can she stop this criminal look-a-like before her name is completely slandered?

DC RETROACTIVE: WONDER WOMAN – THE ’80s is written by Roy Thomas and features art by Rich Buckler, Tim Smith, Carlos Rodriguez, Joe Rubinstein, Jack Purcell and Norman Lee. And don’t miss a classic ‘80s Wonder Woman story also written by Roy Thomas with accompanying art by the legendary Gene Colan. This special one-shot goes on sale August 3.

Product Details
Cover by Rich Buckler
Publisher DC Comics
Cover Price :$4.99
Release Date Wed, August 3rd, 2011

My thoughts:
I think the first Wonder Woman I ever read was in the 1980s.  I saw a cover for one of the two I recall getting for a birthday present on another blog today.  Neither of them were part of this retroactive set, but the art and story lines were similar.  I like that two whole story lines were told in this one shot book.  Rather than having to grab another comic to continue with the story, it is all there and with very few advertisements.  Not that all ads are bad, but sometimes they seem a bit distracting. 

Both stories have to do with the Silver Swan who, I am a bit embarrassed to say, I had never heard of before,  same for Doctor Psycho.  I don't know if these characters have appeared in a lot of other comics, but they were new to me.  I think the two story lines should have been reversed in the book because to me they would have made more sense the other way around.  Maybe there is a reason for the order or perhaps it is just because the cover art goes with the first story, I'm really not sure.

This is the way I remember Wonder Woman from the very brief period of time that I read her.  I don't dislike the new series at all so far (I haven't gotten around to finishing all the ones I have because I either misplaced or never got one of the issues) I like the new gritty elements and more contemporary feel, but these are a more comfortable fit.  She is similar to how she appeared on the TV series, fighting crime while hiding behind her other identity and flying around in her invisible plane.  It was a very nice way to revisit the time and made me want to look through the box of comics I have to see how many I have from the 1980s. 

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