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Charmed by His Love by Janet Chapman (Spellbound Falls Series #2)

Overview from Barnes and Noble:

New York Times bestselling author Janet Chapman takes you back to the magical town of Spellbound Falls, where Duncan MacKeage is about to uncover great love with hidden dangers…

All Duncan MacKeage wants is to keep his crew building roads and bridges up the mountain to the fancy resort overlooking Spellbound Falls’ new inland sea. He doesn’t want anything to do with his own family magic or with the beautiful widow, Peg Thompson, and her tribe of little heathens. But when Duncan is tasked with keeping an eye on the widow Thompson, trouble starts.
Because of a family curse, Peg fears that giving in to her desires will mean killing off another lover. But Duncan—the strong, handsome man buying her gravel—is unbelievably tempting and determined to take care of her. Torn between her head and her heart, will Peg find the strength to break free of her black-widow curse? Or will pursuing their attraction put these lovers in harm’s way?

My thoughts:
I read book two right after finishing the first one and it was like the story just kept going, but changed it's focus to another widow.  Peg Thompson's husband died on his 30th birthday.  Because of a curse from five generations ago all the men in  her family die by their 30th birthdays or, if married later in life, die very soon after marriage.  Since she feels she has killed off her first husband, she is unwilling to get involved again for fear of causing someone else's death.

Duncan has made an appearance in some of Chapman's other books as he is descended from the 12th century highlanders who came through time to Maine.  I have trouble keeping them all straight, but I think he is the son of one of them.  Many of the members of his family have magic of some sort, but he doesn't think he has any nor does he want any, he just wants to run his company, buy Peg's gravel and build his roads.

Being a romance that is easier said than done.  Peg is a single mother raising four children with a falling apart van and house.  She is too proud to accept help and has become very used to doing everything on her own.  Duncan is used to stepping in with his large family and lending a hand where and when it is needed.  They butt heads quite a bit.

Duncan finds that he has a lot to learn about himself and that he needs to stop hiding from his own nature, while Peg finds that sometimes it is okay to lean on someone else.   While they are working through their issues Mac and Olivia get to flit in and out of the story so you can see how things are working out for them.  It will be interesting to see where things go in book three.  That one I don't have on my shelf yet, but I do know I want to read it as well as book four which comes out very soon as well, if it hasn't come out already.

Product Details

  • ISBN-13: 9780515150902
  • Publisher: Penguin Group (USA) Incorporated
  • Publication date: 5/29/2012
  • Series:Spellbound Falls Series , #2
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • Pages: 320

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