Wednesday, March 27, 2013

The Perks of Being a Wallflower (movie)

Overview from Barnes and Noble:

Author Stephen Chbosky adapts his own best-selling novel about a withdrawn teen who attempts to remain hopeful for the future while dreading every day of the present. Emma Watson, Ezra Miller, and Logan Lerman star.
My thoughts:
My children know that I have a rule, in order to watch a movie based on a book we have to read the book first because the book will have more detail and is often times better than the movie.  When i saw this was coming out on video I decided it was time to take the book from the shelf and read it so I could follow my own rule, and I am glad that I did.  I enjoyed the movie, but I liked the book better.  I think having it adapted by the author really helped to keep it very close to the book.  There were parts I missed, but it really did stay true to the story.  I wish more authors were involved when their books are brought to the screen.
I have to admit that this isn't how I saw all of the characters.  Sam has long blond hair in the book, not Emma Watson's cropped hair, and I saw Patrick as a lot less of of the closet than he was in the movie, but all the actors did a very good job with their roles and made them believable.
Charlie is a loner who finds a group where he fits in, but still doesn't always fully participate with.  It is unclear why he spends so much time on the outside and in his own head until later on and, just as with the book, when the reason was revealed in the movie I cried.  My husband didn't have a strong reaction to it at all, but sometimes I find things sad that don't seem like a big deal to other people.  I'm glad I read the book first, but I would recommend the movie.  It made me nostalgic for the 1990's!

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