Thursday, January 16, 2014

OMG...Am I a Witch? by Talia Aikens-Nunez TLC Book Tours

Overview from Barnes and Noble:

April Appleton is so annoyed at her older brother that she searches the Internet for a spell to turn him into a dog. When the spell works, April realizes she has more powers than she ever dreamed of! Now she has to figure out how to turn him back to normal before her parents find out. She has little time, but with help from her friends Grace and Eve she finds a book of magic that will hopefully reverse the spell. Will it work, and will April's newfound magic save the day?

My thoughts:
This was a cute chapter book for kids.  It is easy to get annoyed with siblings, but harder to learn to think before saying or doing something you might regret.  April learns the hard way when she gets mad at her brother on the bus for teasing her about her glasses and changes him into a dog!  With the help of her friends, the Internet and an actual regular old book the girls look for a way out of the situations.

I think kids could easily relate to the characters and their struggles and it goes well with the love so many of them have for Harry Potter and magic.  What child hasn't dreamed of the possibility of being able to make things happen magically!  It was a fun, quick read.

Authors Website:

Product Details

  • ISBN-13: 9780985424855
  • Publisher: Pinwheel Books
  • Publication date: 10/31/2013
  • Pages: 150


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  1. Heck, as an adult I've dreamed of being able to fix things magically! I often dream of turning bad drivers into toads...or something. :)

    Thanks for being on the tour!