Friday, August 1, 2014

Lose Weight with Green Tea by Patricia Rounder

Lose Weight with Green Tea: A Safe, Sensible Way Toward Weight Management

Overview from Barnes and Noble:

Documented research reveals what Asian cultures have known for centuries: Green Tea, rich in antioxidants, increases metabolism and helps burn fat. Lose Weight With Green Tea provides all the information you need to incorporate Green Tea safely and sensibly into a successful weight control program.

My thoughts:
This book contains a whole lot of information on how tea is made (all teas- black, green, white and red come from the same leaves, what is different is how it is processed and how long it stays in certain parts of the process) and how much tea people in different parts of the world drink, but not much about how it can be used for weight loss.  It sites studies where capsules were used in place of drinking tea, but then states that capsules on the market can vary widely in the amount of elements they deliver.  It also shows how different brands of green tea widely vary.  No real answers were given.  The author states that, after doing her research she has decided to drink tea every day and take a supplement as well, but that everyone needs to evaluate their own health needs and make their own decisions.  I kept thinking the next chapter would give some definite recommendations, but it never did.  So, interesting history of tea and how it is produced, but very little information on tea and weight loss.  A different title might have made more sense for this book.

Product Details

  • ISBN-13: 9780961522179
  • Publisher: Smith House Press
  • Publication date: 11/15/2005
  • Pages: 160

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