Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Wildwood by the Sea: Nostalgia & Recipes by Anita Hirsch

From the Facebook site:
The newest book by Anita Hirsch, will be available this soon!
This collection includes her columns which have appeared in The SUN-by-the-sea,
which are nostalgia-packed, lavishly illustrated with photos and includes more
than fifty recipes in all.
Revisit people and places that make the Wildwoods so special. Read
how Wildwood-By-the-Sea came to be: stories of your favorite
places with more than 250 photos that will take you back to the
best times of your youth and your family vacations. Memories of
the boardwalk, the beach, the ocean, the sand, sand castles, the
tram car, and the is your chance to revisit your favorite
memories of Wildwood-By-The-Sea..

My thoughts:
I saw this on the shelf at the local library and picked it up out of curiosity.  I spent one summer when I was in college living in North Wildwood and working at an arcade.  It was a fun summer.  Unfortunately, since Wildwood wasn't my usual vacation spot with my family a lot of the articles and pictures didn't mean that much to me.  Some of the places are familiar, but not like they might have been if this is where I went year after year.  When I go to our usual family beach this summer I am going to have to check out if they have a similar book as I think it would be more meaningful for me.  That said, if you are someone who regularly vacations or vacationed in Wildwood I bet this book would bring back a lot of summer memories of restaurants, attraction and the boardwalk.  My most vivid boardwalk memory is the tram car and the recorded, "Watch the tram car please." that you hear whenever you spend any time there.  I also have to say that Wildwood has the longest beach if you measure the distance from where you get to the sand until you get to the water.  My roommates and I would sometimes stop by the dunes if we weren't planning on actually getting in the water because it seemed like it took too much energy to walk all the way to the water.  I know that sounds incredibly lazy, and I doubt I would do that now, but knowing that you had to be at work later but still wanted to spend some time on the beach it seemed like a logical compromise.  The other thing some of the older pictures reminded me of is the HBO series "Boardwalk Empire".  There are pictures from the 1930's that seem similar to how Atlantic City is shown on the show.


Copies will be available here;
Wildwood Historical Society
3907 Pacific Avenue
Wildwood, NJ

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