Saturday, November 28, 2009

"The Vampire Diaries: The Awakening" by L.J. Smith

My rating: 4 out of 5
Where I got the book: Borrowed from a friend

Details from back cover of book:
"A deadly love triangle

Elena: beautiful and popular, the girl who can have any guy she wants.

Stefan: brooding and mysterious, desperately trying to resist his desire for Elena . . . for her own good.

Damon: sexy, dangerous, and driven by an urge for revenge against Stefan, the brother who betrayed him.

Elena finds herself drawn to both brothers . . . who will she choose?"

My thoughts:
I borrowed this book from my neighbor with the intention of reading all 6 books before the television series started. Having given myself only 3 days to do so and being busy with other things at the time that never happened. This weekend I picked up the first book again and decided to start it. Better late than never!

I have been watching the series on CW, but I haven't seen all the episodes in full. Many times I miss the first 10 to 20 minutes of the episode. Still, I have been enjoying the series on TV and wondered if that would color my thoughts on the book. Since I already have the actors in my mind as the characters the fact that physically Elena and Bonnie are totally different in the book than the show keeps tripping me up. Also I can't remember if Meredith is in the show or not, if she is she hasn't made a very big impression on me.

Elena seems less likable in the book than the show. On TV I don't get the sense that she thinks she is the queen of the school while in the book she considers herself royalty. That said, I think she grows some and changes as the first book progresses. I am interested to see how the story progresses and how she continues to change. I also would like to find out more about how her parents died.

Stefan in the show doesn't drink human blood while in the book he does. I wonder why the change was made when it was adapted for the screen? Doe sit make him less likable or is he able to more superior to Damon if he is, to quote Twilight, a "vegetarian" vampire? Do TV executives think that is what viewers are looking for based on the success of "Twilight"?

Since the first book leaves so many questions I am very glad to have book two to start on right away.


  1. I was having a problem too when reading and watching this series.

    Because I started with the tv show, I'm more partial to it than the original book series. I like how Elena is portrayed in the tv show.

    And, I'm behind with the tv show. Got a few still on the dvr to watch.

    After finishing book 1, I haven't rushed into book 2 just yet either. I may read the rest of the books after the tv series season ends.

    Anyhow, I do like the premise of the stories and will continue with both.

  2. hai,
    This week the serie's starts for the first time in holland, i am verry curious. I would love to see true blood but it is not comming to dutch television.
    Love the books of charlaine harris and loved twilight also.
    Good night, Jolanda.