Sunday, February 13, 2011

The Tenth #2 Resurrected by Tony Daniel Romano

Earlier I had posted how this weekend we took our children to a comic book store.  I picked out two for myself from the discount bin.  The first one was a Wonder Woman old issue and then I tried this one because the cover reminded me of Anita Blake in Laurel K. Hamilton's Vampire Hunter series.  I think because of that I thought the comic would be similar, but it isn't really.  I also think I was looking for a comic with a strong female lead character.  Most of the ones I saw in the store seem to feature male main characters and there was a section at the front of the store that disturbed me a bit.  Most of the most sexually explicit comics were on the top shelf and I just kept looking at my kids and thinking, "Don't look up".  I really didn't want to try to explain why the cover showed a well endowed woman who was either barely dressed or not dressed at all. 

This comic is book two of a set of four and once again it seems as though the publisher or author is really expecting the readers to buy them all.  I guess they need to keep you coming back!  The main character was a strong female named Espy who can somehow feel (perhaps through ESP and that is how her name came into being) some monster she is tracking with a man who at times I thought might  not really be on her side.  Of course there was no resolution at the end since you need to buy books three and four to find out what happens to her.

I enjoyed the manga book I read a few weeks ago and graphic novels seem more like books to me.  Perhaps comics aren't really my thing.  I ordered a set of Wonder Woman from eBay yesterday figuring if I don't care for them my daughter seems to like Wonder Woman so I can give myself another chance with comics  in general and she can feel like she has her own.

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