Friday, March 11, 2011

Eight Little Faces: A Mom's Journey by Kate Gosselin

Becoming the parents of eight children in less than four years has definitely presented both trials and blessings to Jon and Kate Gosselin. In this very personal close-up of their family life, Kate comments on the life lessons God has taught her. Featuring themes like trust, perseverance, joy, and encouragement, each two-page spread includes a photograph from the Gosselin family album, words from Kate, and topical Scripture verses. This book makes the perfect gift for any fan of the Gosselin's television show Jon& Kate Plus 8, which is featured on TLC, as well as any mother struggling with the demands of small children.

My thoughts:
This was another odd choice for me.  I watched Kate Gosslin on Dancing with the Stars last year and didn't really care for her.  I've read magazine articles about Kate and her family and saw the whole drama unfold when she and Jon split last year or the year before, not sure how long ago that was.  But through it all I wondered what kind of mother she was.  How she handled having eight children, how the older two felt when greeted with six new siblings, the logistics of taking eight children anywhere (I know sometimes my four feel like a handful and she had double).  None of that was really answered in this book.  I should have taken the time to flip through it, but I saw it on my way to the check out and it was only a dollar so I took a chance on it.  Each page has a picture from their family, a short paragraph (two or three sentences) about a theme word and then a bible quote.  I recall having read that Kate was creating a journal for her children so they could see how much she loved and appreciated them, but I was expecting something more than this.  I can see why it is in the bargain bin.  Plus, she keep talking about how she and Jon work as a team and she couldn't imagine doing this without him and, as anyone who has checked out at a supermarket knows, they are no longer together and went through pretty public nastiness regarding each other and their children.  It felt like the face and voice she was showing in the book are different than the few times I caught segments of her show.  This feels almost like a work of fiction rather than a journal to show her journey to motherhood and her love for her children.
Jon and Kate Gosselin had the joy of birthing twins and sextuplets in three years. The daily lives of their family are chronicled on TLC's hit show Jon & Kate plus 8. They are frequent speakers at churches and other events and live in central Pennsylvania. Find out more at

Product Details

Pub. Date: April 2009
Publisher: Zondervan
Format: Hardcover , 48pp
ISBN-13: 9781616881795
ISBN: 1616881798

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