Wednesday, March 9, 2011

It Doesn't Count if's the last one: 204 More Reasons Why You Can Eat That by Daisy Westmoor


There’s nothing fun about dieting.

Except cheating!

Never fear when the craving hits for that emergency chocolate hidden in your drawer. Inside this delicious little book, you’ll find your greatest hopes realized: more than 200 reasons why you can eat what you want without a hint of guilt. You already know that it doesn’t count if you take it off someone else’s plate. Now there’s more good news: It doesn’t count if you worked out within twelve hours of eating it. Or if you’re having a bad hair day!

Your real diet may start tomorrow. But for now, this book is a wonderful (and calorie-free!) way to pretend.

My thoughts:
I'll admit it, I was hungry when I bought this book.  I was a the dollar store getting ready for a birthday party and I saw it on the shelf.  That was earlier tonight and honestly, I'm still hungry.  But that is not the point of the book, of course!

I think a lot of us do rationalize eating something when we think we shouldn't with a variety of excuses.  I know one of my stumbling blocks to keeping my food journal is that I don't always know how many calories something has.  What do you write down for the lick of cupcake batter or the baked treat that someone made so it doesn't come with a nutrition label?  Sometimes I do eat something from my kids plates when I am cleaning the table and they didn't finish something.  How many calories are in two bites of a roll?  Daisy gives a whole slew of humorous reasons why you can eat something.  It  is the last one, you just worked out, you are wearing workout clothes, the diet doesn't start until tomorrow, your scale is broken, you just had good sex or bad sex, you just got dumped, it wasn't your plate and so on.  But the best reason is her last, "it doesn't count unless you want it too".  In taking charge of our own health and wellness it is up to us to make the adjustments we need to be what we want to be.  I started the new year with such good intentions, and some of them I've followed through on, but diet and exercise are two of the harder ones for me.  I need to make it all count because I want to not because I have to.

DAISY WESTMOOR loves looking delicate—but not as much as she loves cupcakes. She was raised in East Orange, New Jersey, but all her friends reside in Bakewell. Daisy lives in New York with her two boxes of chocolate (given to her as gifts, naturally).

Product Details

Pub. Date: December 2008
Publisher: Crown Publishing Group
Format: Hardcover , 112pp
ISBN-13: 9780307451484
ISBN: 0307451488

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