Monday, March 5, 2012


This week was a recovery week and I needed it.  I did something to my foot/leg the week before and it needed a chance to rest.  It isn't 100% better, but almost so I am glad I didn't push it.  Since I skipped doing this post last week I guess I'll list both weeks here to keep myself honest.

Last week:
Ran 18 miles (4,5,4,4) which is exactly what was on my Smart plan from Runner's World
Walked at least 6 miles ( I don't always track but those were tracked walks)
No other exercise or videos, just taking it easy to feel better

Two weeks ago:
Ran 29 miles (4,4,5,10,5) All but the last five were on the plan, I threw in an extra run just because it was nice out and I had the time to do it.  The discovery I made was that I need to do something nutrition wise for longer runs, not the 4's and 5's but for runs longer than that.  I never take water because I am afraid I'll need to pee and I had not been using any kind of food gel or chew or whatever.  I bought a bunch of different things to try and then didn't have a long run this week to try them out on.  No so sure about the gels though, I opened one to try for my extra 5 mile run just to see and it was so sweet I couldn't make myself eat it all and I like sweet things.  I'll experiment with flavors and textures and we'll see what happens.

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