Friday, November 16, 2012

Saturday Snapshot- Pumpkin Patch

This is from last month.  I took my kids for the yearly pumpkin patch trip.  We walked through the corn maze and played in the pumpkin patch.

We started coming to this patch when we moved her seven years ago.

The first year my daughter was younger than my youngest is now.  I remember her in the maze in her winter coat, hat and gloves.  We were lucky to have a warmer day this year.

I always wonder what they do with the left over pumpkins after Halloween.  Are they used for pies?  Sold for animals?  Used for pumpkin chucking events?  Canned?  Or do they just use the seeds for next year?


  1. How adorable, and what a fun tradition! I haven't been to a pumpkin patch in years, but we always went when I was a kid.

  2. What fun!! I love seeing happy families!!
    I never thought about what they did with all the left over pumpkins...but I am now, lol!!
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  3. Going to the pumpkin farm is a beloved annual tradition in our house, too. We've been going since our oldest son was just a few months old...and now he is 18! He came home from college for the day to join us this year :)


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  4. They are so cute! I always just assumed that those that were left would rot in the fields because they'd be so old by then anyway. I hadn't even considered the seeds. I'm curious about that now too. We have a farmer friend whom I could ask, but he doesn't grow pumpkins so he might not know. :)

  5. I like those last two photos - really atmospheric. I think we should have pumpkin patches here in England, and then perhaps there would be more pumpkins to buy and cook and eat! The only time I see them is at Hallowe'en, and then they just disappear. My Snapshot is at