Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Women's Running Shoes

I've been thinking a lot about womens running shoes, which seems kind of weird since we have over two feet of snow on the ground right now, but they've been on my mind. In high school I hated running. It was just never my thing, but from time to time during my adult life I have been tempted to give it another chance. Most recently this past summer I got into actually running outside. I was only going a mile each time but it felt like an achievement for me to make that change from hating running to actually liking it. I had even started running at intervals in between walking on our treadmill.

There are so many different kinds of shoes out there that I wondered how people go about deciding which ones to buy. There are even videos on youtube to help make that decision. I have to admit that along with all the many components of the shoe itself I look for two main things in a sneaker, is it comfortable and do I like how it looks. I have managed to get away from the looks aspect a bit. This summer I bought a pair of Curves sneakers with the rounded soles, similar to the Sketchers ones. I feel like they help my muscles get a better workout, but that they look a bit orthopedic. I know I never would have worn them in high school but I guess I am a bit less vain now! That said the pair of sneakers I picked before that were pink and on sale. I guess on sale rates up there for me too.

There are so many different names for Running_shoes. Some people call them sneakers, other trainers, others tennis shoes, and the list goes on. Believe it or not sporting shoes have been around for over a hundred years, starting at least in 1907 when Spalding came out with shoes designed for basketball. Since then many inventions have gone into the shoes we use today and when you go to the store they are broken down into what sport they are made to be used for. I always wonder though if that makes that much of a difference. I both run and walk in mine, but are there people out there who buy one just for walking and one just for running? I understand the need for specialized shoes for sports that require cleats (like football,soccer, softball and baseball) and for wrestling. But what about cheer leading? I know there are shoes for it, I bought my daughter two different pairs this year alone, but is there anything different about the interior of the shoes or is it all exterior cosmetics that make these shoes?

I guess I've been thinking about shoes in the hopes that spring arrives and we will be able to go out and enjoy a walk or run in nature. But until that time comes I am going to smile at our snow and walk on my treadmill. I wonder if there are shoes designed just for treadmill walking?

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