Friday, February 19, 2010

"Voyage of the Dawn Treader" by C.S. Lewis

My thoughts:

About a week ago I finished listening to Voyage of the Dawn Treader of audio CD. Pretty soon I will be done with the Chronicles of Narnia and I have The Swan Thieves to start next, time to move on to some adult reading!

I enjoyed this one and I heard a rumor that it will be out as a movie this summer. I looked and found this site: that gives a release date for December 10, 2010. While I can't tell for sure if this is authentic, it looks like there is a movie to be made or that has been made for this book which will be interesting to see. It will be the first time that I've recently read the book and seen the movie, rather than the reading and movie being separated by years.

I was glad to see Lucy and Edmond back in Narnia for another adventure, but a bit sad that Peter and Susan weren't along as well. Out of all the characters I thought that Eustace underwent the largest transformation to his character. Going to Narnia seemed to change him for the better. While we were listening my six year old wondered if Eustace might return to Narnia because Aslan does not say that he will not, so it left the door open for a return visit. During their voyage the two islands that caught the most imagination and thoughts for my children were dragon island, where Eustace actually spent time as a dragon, and Goldwater Island (which was later changed to Deathwater Island). They had a lot of questions especially about the pool that changed everything to gold. The funny part is I don't even think they realize how valuable gold is.

I did wonder where Reepicheep went. His faith was uplifting. He knows he is supposed to make the journey alone and that he will not be returning but he does not show fear, he trusts that this is what he is supposed to do and he is not afraid. Imagine if we all knew what we had to do and had the faith that it would work out because it was as it was supposed to be?

At the end I wondered if we had seen the last of Caspian or if we would see him again since time in Narnia and time in our world do not pass in the same fashion.

Synopsis from Barnes and Noble:

In the fifth book in C.S. Lewis's Chronicles of Narnia, Edmund and Lucy Pevensy along with their bratty cousin, Eustace, are transported through a painting into Narnia where they join Prince Caspian on a voyage to the west. The children are tested on this voyage, and visit strange lands and encounter unusual creatures. Eustace is turned into a dragon, and then helped to return to human form by Aslan, the lion god.


  1. This is my most favorite audio book. I love listening to story time and again.

  2. (I never got into reading these as a child and maybe that is why I don't do well with fantasy books as an adult. I feel like I'm missing out though

  3. Thanks for the review! I was thinking about buying this for my best friend, and now I know that it sounds like something she'd be like!