Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Fun Children's Books for Christmas part 1

I have been reading stories about Christmas each evening with my children. These are some of the ones we read so far that we have really enjoyed so far.

Who Will Guide My Sleigh Tonight is a book we bought from the a school book order last year. In it Santa tries animal after animal to pull his sleigh until he settles on reindeer. It really amused the kids and elicits laughs when he tries snakes and mice to pull his sleigh.

The Night Before Christmas is one of my all time favorite stories and we have multiple versions with different illustrations. Jan Brett's are some of my favorites because I love how she used the pictures on the sides of the frames as a preview of what is to come in the story. My other favorite book by Brett is The Mitten, but I usually pull that out in January to celebrate winter.

Snowmen at Christmas is one of my children's most requested stories. The little boy in the story imagines what his snowman and all the other snowmen in town do after all the people fall asleep. The snowmen celebrate Christmas with snow gifts and snow treats. There is also a Snowmen at Night book that I've seen in book orders but we haven't read that one yet.

The Snowbelly Family of Chillyville Inn was put out by Hallmark a few years ago and there are other books in the series about the family. The snowmen celebrate Christmas at an inn made of snow with gifts made of snow. The rhythm and pacing of the story is really enjoyable to read.


  1. Love the Snowmen books - they look like they would be fun reads! Great post and good ideas for Christmas.

  2. Thanks for the wonderful suggestions. I can always use more Christmas books for my son.

  3. I meant to post more books and I got so busy with other holiday preparations. I love holiday themed reads!