Tuesday, December 29, 2009

In My Mailbox 6

Since last week my TBR pile has grown a bit, although two of the books listed here have already been read and reviewed in prior posts. I received a few books for Christmas but, as I don't plan to review the cookbooks I haven't listed them here today.

These are the books I received to review:

"Crossing the Bridge" by Micheal Barons I received to review from the the publisher of The Story Plant. I should have it read and reviewed soon. The publication date for the book is in January.

"The Dark Divine" is part of an ARC Book tour hosted by another blogger. I read and reviewed it over the weekend and sent it out in the mail Monday to the next reader on the list.

As a Christmas gift I received:

"The Christmas List" which I am looking forward to reading.

Yesterday at the library I added two more books to read:

"Catching Fire" so I can pick up where "The Hunger Games" left off and find out what happens to Catniss.

This one I started and finished yesterday and already reviewed. It really touched me and I am glad I gave in to my impulse to pick it up to read.

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  1. So I am just checking up on myself to see if I've read the books I said I was going to read. From here I have read and reviewed them all except for "The Christmas List" which I got for Christmas. Hopefully I'll make time for it soon!