Monday, December 14, 2009

"Gifts of the Heart" by Karen Boes Oman

Rating 4.5 out of 5 stars
How I acquired this book: Received from Bostick Communication for review purposes

Grandma and Grandpa are on their way to see their grandchildren for Christmas when their car is caught up in the wind and all the gifts blow all over Mother Goose Land. The children from the shoe find the coats, Little Bo Peeps sheep find the socks, the spider from Little Miss Muffett finds the skates. Instead of demanding their gifts back grandma and grandpa decide that by filling a need (a coat for the coat less, etc) they are giving their hearts. In return the Mother Goose characters make them gifts from their own hearts and repair their rocking horse.

I read this book to my children and it really held their interest. It has good rhythm and pacing. It is both silly and sweet. The illustrations really work with the text, the loved seeing Little Bo Peep and her sheep pulling the flying sleigh past the moon. I liked the message about giving to others especially at Christmas time when it is easy to be focused on getting gifts and coveted toys. Sometimes the best gift isn't the one that costs the most. I can foresee my children requesting to hear this story again and I will enjoy rereading it with them.

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