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Audrey Hepburn by Paul Duncan (Editor) , Kobal Collection (Photographer) , F. X. Feeney .

Overview from Barnes and Noble:
Her beauty has proved timeless—should we be surprised? Equally graceful whether moving or standing still, blessed with a balletic poise, luminous dark eyes, and an exquisite profile a queen might envy, Audrey Hepburn would no doubt have become famous in her youth even if the movies hadn’t found her—simply because no self-respecting camera could resist her. What sets her iconic beauty apart now, for us, more than a decade after she quit the stage of this life, is that her physicality is oddly secondary. Her extraordinary good looks merely halo a still-living smile.

Movie Icons is a series of photo books that feature the most famous personalities in the history of cinema. These 192-page books are visual biographies of the stars. For each title, series editor Paul Duncan has painstakingly selected approximately 150 high quality enigmatic and sumptuous portraits, colorful posters and lobby cards, rare film stills, and previously unpublished candid photos showing the stars as they really are. These images are accompanied by concise introductory essays by leading film writers; each book also includes a chronology, a filmography, and a bibliography, and is peppered with apposite quotes from the movies and from life.

My thoughts:
In high school and maybe a bit during college I went through a phase where I watched a lot of old movies.  From time to time I come back to them but lately I haven't watched many movies at all.  There is something about Audrey Hepburn that always captivated me.  The first movie I recall seeing with her is Breakfast at Tiffany's.  Whenever I hear Moon River it makes me think of the movie and Hepburn in her role as Holly Golightly. 

This book is very well done.  I found out about a lot movies Hepburn acted in that I've never sen.  The quotes added to the photos.  I enjoyed flipping through this book and seeing moments from many (not sure if all were included or not) of the movies that Audrey graced during her acting career.  I wonder what actors and actresses from today will hold up this well years in the future?  While I really do like Breakfast at Tiffany's I think my favorite movie is Funny Face.  Maybe it is the part where she works in the bookstore that cinched it for me, but I loved that one and know I watched it way more than once!  I am going to have to look for more of this series at the library.

Product Details:
•Pub. Date: December 2006

•Publisher: Taschen America, LLC
•Format: Paperback , 192pp
•Series: Movie Icons Series
•ISBN-13: 9783822820018
•ISBN: 3822820016

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  1. I'd like to find a couple copies of this book for my daughter and sister who are Audrey Hepburn fans. Thanks for the review.

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