Saturday, September 17, 2011

People Magazine- September 19, 2011

This past week I started back to work teaching preschool and all the posts I meant to make this week never happened.  I had planned to have them all scheduled and ready to go so if I was too tired or busy at night my blog would still be ready, and then it didn't happen.  Week one is down so now to do better planning for week two.  I did manage to make exercise a priority though and ran four of the five days last week which was another one of my concerns.  Everything is a work in progress to obtain balance!

Last weeks issue reinforced for me that I really would like to read Night Circus.  I've been hearing a lot of buzz about it and I really do think I would enjoy it, so it has been added to my list.  Not that I ever get to everything on my list, but one must dream!

When I see someone like Susan Lucci I marvel at how long she has stayed in the same role but also wonder how she has manged to stay so thin.  Does she exercise a lot of eat very small portions?  Is it easier for someone to be careful about eating if they know every week they are going to be watched by a large audience or does having access to trainers and ordering food make it easier to stay careful and disciplined?  Or is she just naturally thin?

I do not understand people who get married to someone who is in prison, especially if they never met before the incarceration happened.  It just feels wrong to me on a whole bunch of different levels.

My lack of television viewing comes to mind every time I read this magazine.  I have never watched Kate Gosslin's show or shows.  I did see her on Dancing with the Stars, but not her personal shows.  I found her comment odd that she was looking for another TV opportunity now that her show with her children was cancelled.  The only thing she is famous for is having a lot of children, making some odd hairstyle choices and having her husband leave her.  I'm not sure I would call her a celebrity, but I have a feeling she will be successful in finding some kind of TV venue for her which I think she wants to keep getting the attention she is used to and for the money.  How many people are out there now trying to have large families to get a show on TV?  Are my four kids enough?  Would most people even want to be on TV?  Probably not.

Lastly, Roger Ebert seems so content with his life and says he doesn't miss food, but I think I would miss the tastes of food as well as even more the ability to speak .  He is lucky to still be alive and to be such a gifted writer that he can use writing for all his communication, but I am sure he has days where he is not as satisfied with where he is.

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  1. My husband makes too many snarky comments when I try to watch anything with Kate Gosselin in it. He just does not like her at all.