Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Wonder Woman #610

Synopsis from IGN Comics:
Revelations continue this month as Diana meets one of the Sisters of Fate, now an elderly woman confined to a hospital bed. Hester dramatically reinterprets Diana's origin story and even the fundamental source of her powers. I can hear some WW hardcore fans biting chunks out of their keyboards from here. Bear in mind that there's still no telling what will and won't stick when "Odyssey" wraps in a few months. All I really care about is that Hester grows and evolves the character, and he's doing an excellent job of it so far. He pushes Diana away from a place of rage and vengeance and towards one of love and compassion. It reads like redemption in more ways than one.

The script dips a bit when Wonder Woman dives back into action and enjoys a rematch with the trio of foes hunting her. I do grow tired of stories that feature a hero being badly beaten in one issue and then returning to easily mop the floor with her opponents later. Is Diana an X-Man now? But, in the end, this rematch is fairly unimportant, and it's the fight coming up that will really make or break the final leg of the story.

The lasso of truth gets a chance to help save the day, Diana Prince makes an appearance as a  nurse, Doctor Steve has a frame and she knows him, and she finds out that one of the fates kept weaving her another strand to keep her life force going, which I guess explains why she has had so many other lives.  Is Diana Prince just another strand on the web of her life?  The costume or outfit that Diana Prince gives to Diana is a melding of the old and the new.  It still has a more modern feeling, but has some touches of what most of us remember and call to mind when we thing of Wonder Woman.  Are all of the threads connected to lives and does that mean that she is living multiple lives at once?  Should I already know who is behind the Morrigan because honestly I don't.  I dislike how the last pages of the comic are used to give a sneak peak of a different comic book series.  They feel so shirt as it is, I am tempted to wait until they come out in book format and read them then which is what I may decide to do ultimately.  I think books rather than comics last longer and may end up being less expensive.

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