Monday, September 28, 2009

3 Day Potty Training: Start Friday, Done Sunday! The Queen of Potty Training will share tips, advice and secrets of potty training in 3 days!

3 Day Potty Training
Start Friday, Done Sunday!
The Queen of Potty Training will share tips, advice and secrets of potty training in 3 days!
by Lora Jensen

First off I realize that this book will not be of interest to a lot of people, but I read it yesterday to look for some hints and tips to help me with potty training my third child. Although Lora Jensen does have some good pointers I have to admit that I am not following the whole program. I have a friend who is and she recommended I take a look. My third child is mostly potty trained, the difficulty he is having is pooping in the potty. He just doesn't want to do it. I read the whole book, but was mostly looking for tips on dealing with this one issue. I like the idea of a magic wand to be used to help the child with getting over any fear of going poop on the potty and I can definitely see the need to keep the child right with you all the time so no accident will be missed. Most of the accidents he has had since training started have been when he wasn't with me but in another room or being watched by someone else. For someone just starting with the process I would recommend this as a program to start with. Part of me wishes that I had started with this months ago. Lora recommends taking a thirty day break from whatever method you were using before trying her program and if you can't or don't want to do that to understand that it might take longer than three days. One issue I have with the book is the repetition. It is only 40 pages long, but she restates the same thing repeatedly. I've noticed this in other non-fiction self-help books so perhaps it is a technique that is used to hammer important points home or for people who just look at the table of contents and skip to the part of the book they think they need. For me, reading it straight through I could have done without the repeats. Give this a try of you are starting to potty train because she has some good ideas.


  1. Glad you found something useful in it! We tried the magic wand, but unfortunately it didn't help. We're at the point you're at now ... all good except for the poop. I've also read that blowing bubbles helps them to go - I guess it makes you bear down without realizing you're doing it. So now we have bubbles all through the bathroom, but still no poop. :-(

  2. Funny you should say that, Xavier had been dry and clean for 2 days and about 10 minutes ago he went in the kitchen to get a drink and then told me he had pooped. I should have known because when I was changing River he asked for a diaper. I know he knows he needs to go, I wish going in the potty weren't becoming such an issue!

  3. I'm happy to report that Xavier is doing great at staying dry. Still having issues with pooping in the potty but I am glad to be done with diapers for him at least! (His brother won't be ready to train for quite awhile.)