Saturday, September 12, 2009

"Summer on Blossom Street" by Debbie Macomber

Summer on Blossom Street is the fifth in Macomber's series about Lydia Goetz and her yarn shop on Blossom Street in Seattle. In previous books we learned about Susannah of Susannah's Garden the flower shop, Anne Marie Roche of the bookstore, and Alix turned who works at the French Cafe among others. This books brings back Lydia, Anne Marie and Alix as well as introduces Phoebe who just broke things off with her fiance and Hutch who is in the middle of a frivolous lawsuit. The story changes perspective with each chapter so you get to see each of their lives through the characters eyes and feel their feelings first hand without simple being told. Lydia is unable to have children due to cancer treatment she received so she and Brad decide to adopt but instead of an infant they are asked to watch a 12 year old girl for a few days, which turns into more as foster homes in the area are scarce this summer. Alix and Jordan wish to become parents as well but before becoming pregnant Alix needs to quit smoking. Anne Marie finds out that her adopted daughter has a father no one knew about. Phoebe is dealing with the aftermath of her fiance being unfaithful and Hutch is dealing with stress and high blood pressure from the lawsuit. They come together in a class called Knit to Quit for people who want to quit something in their lives.

This story was well written and an enjoyable read. One of my complaints, and this holds true for a lot of books in the romance genre, is that some of the things that happen in the story are a bit too predictable. A character walks onto the page and you know that it is a love match or can see the conflicts before they arise. As I just said, this isn't just for this novel in particular but romance in general. That being said, Debbie Macomber is one of my favorite authors. Although I can't say that I've read everything she has written I can say I've read the majority of her works and I always enjoy them. They help me feel a little more optimistic about life.

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