Wednesday, December 28, 2011


The new year is just days away and, thanks to Shelia at Book Journey , I stumbled upon this meme over at Bookworm with a View.  Every week people post how they are doing in their own fitness goals and what is coming up.  I became a runner in July.  I toyed with the idea in the spring, for a few weeks I ran daily increasing the time little by little, and then I took a break for a day, that turned into a week which turned into a few months.  In July I recommitted myself by signing up for a 5K in August.  Since then I've signed up for a race a month to keep myself from being able to quit.  It took six months, but now I no longer fear quiting quite so much.  My next 5K is on Saturday to celebrate the end of the year.  Then for 2012 my new challenge is a 10K on Super Bowl Sunday.  This week I have been toying with the idea of signing up for a Half Marathon at the end of April.  Last week my long run was 9 miles, my longest ever! The idea both scares and excited me in equal measures, I want to click and sign up but worry that 13.1 will be too much for me.  I'm not a very fast runner either so not only will it be a long distance but it is going to take me awhile.  I want to decide before the end of the week because I know the race is filling up and I don't want to wait too long.  I guess by next week I'll be able to record my choice, which I think is going to be yes, I just need to wrap my mind around the idea a little longer.

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