Monday, May 21, 2012

One More Week!

I have been so bogged down lately that I have been having  a hard time making time to post anything on my blog.  One of the things on my plate is my job as a preschool teacher.  There is only one more week of the current school year, which is hard for me to believe.  Every year it feels like it goes so slowly at the beginning and then end is so far off, and then all of a sudden the days are in the single digits and there is so much I still want to have the time to do.  This year is no different, but as of a week from right now I will be done for the summer.  I can hear the song in my head, "Schools out for summer...".  It is a nice feeling.  There are a lot of things at home that are in need of attention, so until my older children get done with school I plan on devoting some much needed attention to organization and cleaning and such.  I have such high hopes every summer, but you have to start somewhere.  Hopefully between the organizing and cleaning, running and reading, and filling the days for the kids with the right mix of free time, structured time and learning time, I will make my way back to posting.  I've been reading all along, so I have a nice long list of books I can review when I make the time!

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