Friday, September 23, 2011

Where does the time go?

This week was my second week back at work after having the summer off.  I thought I had things planned out better so that I would still have a chance to read and exercise, along with taking care of my children and family and working, but I barely read a thing!  I failed to take into account the time drain of new fall television shows.  usually I don't tune in for most of them so they aren't an issue, but when I am on the treadmill I need something to watch and then once you've turned it on the next show starts so fast after one is done that before you know it you are still watching!  I watched from the treadmill, while folding and sorting laundry and preparing materials for school, but still it was on and probably made me work a little slower.

I enjoy Dancing with the Stars.  I love the music and seeing people moving motivates me more to get up and get moving too, so that is a good treadmill show in my mind.  They seem to be scraping the bottom of the barrel looking for stars now but the dancing is fun nonetheless.  I also like that it isn't a year long commitment, but after a couple months it is done.

I tried out both Revenge and Charlie's Angels but don't really plan to go back for either of them.  I enjoyed Revenge more than Angels, but neither had that something special that would bring me back.  Grey's Anatomy still had enough going on that I will tune in again, but that could also be because I've been watching it from the beginning of the series.  Modern Family is on at the time I usually exercise so it will probably make the cut because it is funny and is on when I need something.

Shows I am still looking forward to are Desperate Housewives and Boardwalk Empire.  What shows did you watch this week?


  1. I forgot how draining on time TV shows could be too! I watched Modern Family this week. I'm excited it's back on. Glee on Tuesdays and Big Bang Theory on Thursdays. Tonight is the season premiere of Supernatural. So many shows!

    Have a good weekend. :)

  2. I don't watch news shows anymore because I don't trust the networks not to suddenly yank them just as I'm hooked. I wait until they come out on DVD. I'm really not watching much this season

  3. I watched Glee(with my daughter), Survivor, and Gray's Anatomy. I haven't seen too many new shows that spoke to me. I may watch Pan Am.