Friday, April 29, 2011

Bad Dog, Marley! by John Grogan illustrated by Richard Cowdrey


Mommy, Daddy, Cassie, and Baby Louie welcome Marley, their new Labrador pup, into their family. But Marley doesn't stay a tiny puppy for long. He grows and grows, and the bigger Marley gets, the bigger trouble he gets into. Big, bad-boy trouble. Whether it's chewing Mommy's reading glasses or swallowing Daddy's paycheck, Marley is a dog like no other. He tries to be a good dog, honest he does, but everything he tries ends up bad. Then one day Marley goes too far. Will this family have to find a new home for their big, crazy, pure-hearted dog?

Inspired by John Grogan's bestselling memoir, Marley & Me, this heartwarming story shows that loving someone, flaws and all, can reap huge rewards.

My thoughts:
I still haven't gotten around to reading Marley and Me.  I've thought about it, but my TBR pile is always overflowing and it hasn't happened yet.  I did see the movie so I have a general idea of what happens, but I am sure things were changed from book to movie.

This is a fun story.  He keeps trying his hardest to be good and ends up doing the wrong thing again and again.  The illustrations are really well done and bring the story to life.  I read this to both my preschool students and my children at home.  The all love the way the Baby Louie talks, that brought laughs each time we read it.  Other favorite parts were Marley eating from the table, drinking from the table, peeing and pooping and bringing home a pair of underwear.

It is evident from reading this book that this family had a lot of love for their dog and came to see him as a member of the family. 

All of us make mistakes, even when we are trying our hardest, so it is nice for children to see that mistakes and being mad don't make change the way people feel.  That there is unconditional love.

Product Details

Pub. Date: July 2011
Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers
Format: Paperback , 40pp
Age Range: 4 to 7
Series: Marley Series
ISBN-13: 9780061171161
ISBN: 0061171166

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