Friday, April 15, 2011

Wonder Woman 601 Writer: J. Michael Straczynski Artists: Don Kramer & Eduardo Pansica

Publisher: DC Comics

Writer: J. Michael Straczynski
Artists: Don Kramer & Eduardo Pansica
Covers: Don Kramer, Alex Garner

My thoughts:
This is the second comic book in the all new story line that was started last summer.  Diana is a young woman being raised in the world of men and is still coming into her powers.  In the prologue from the first issue she went to see the Oracle to ask her some questions about the past.  The Oracle takes Diana back to the island where she lived with her mother and shows her how their civilization ended.  Diana was a little girl and was sent away to keep her safe, but her mother refused to leave her people without their queen.

During the fight that followed the Amazonian's on the island were fighting with swords and armor as their attackers had helicopters and machine guns.  After their defeat, Queen Hippolyta was forced to watch as the wounded were killed and then the man in charge (who is never clearly seen but always in shadows) attempts to use the lasso of truth to find out the location of Diana.

Diana sees all this and then vows to uphold her promise to protect her people who had been dispatched from the island when the end was coming near.  During one sequence she falls asleep and dreams of herself in the costume we all know and love.  The Oracle keeps talking about how this is how she is now but not how she has always been.  Does that mean this storyline is really taking place or is it metaphysical, how there are all different realities going on at the same time and she is just experiencing a different reality but the other reality is still somewhere inside her remembered?

I don't know how comics usually go about keeping the characters fresh as years pass and things change. Wonder Woman has been around since the 1940's and must have gone through multiple changes in that time.  Is this just par for the course?  Does each episode always end with a to be continued type of ending?  Wonder Woman is the only character I ever made any effort to read or get to know so maybe different characters are done differently.  It did make me want to read the next issue to find out if she manages to save the pocket of survivors who were in hiding.  It seems like once I get caught up to the most current issue it could be frustrating to wait for the next one.  I wonder if I will be able to maintain my interest during the time between issues.

 Issue 600

Wonder Woman Burning Devastastion

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