Sunday, April 3, 2011

Ogres Don't Hunt Easter Eggs (Bailey School Kids' Adventure) by Debbie Dadey and Marcia Thorton Jones


There are some weird grown-ups living in Bailey City. But could the man fixing up the park for the town Easter egg hunt really be an ogre? It's been raining ever since Brutus Bigg arrived in town. And even though he's supposed to fix up the park, he seems to be messing it up so no one will go there and bother him. Is Mr. Bigg an ogre trying to claim the park as his home? The Bailey School Kids are going to find out...but will they be able to stop him in time for the Spring Festival.Pages of super spring puzzles and activities inside!

My thoughts:
This is the first book I've read in the Baily School Kids series.  I've seen them on library shelves and in book orders, but until now my children hadn't shown much interest in them.  My son brought this one home from his school library and we took turns reading pages.  I was expecting for the kids to only think the new gardener was an ogre, but that is never disproved in the story.  There are four friends who are excited for Easter break and a chance to play outside and enjoy the park.  On their first afternoon off they meet the new gardener.  When he rubs his gray ring it starts to rain.  The rain lasts for days and the park keeps looking worse and worse, it is dug up and rocks block the entrances.  One of the children is reading a library book about monsters and sees that Mr. Bigg fits the criteria for an ogre.  He doesn't like people, is afraid of cats and likes the rain. It was a cute story for Easter time and I liked how the children used the library.  The two authors met at a school, one was the librarian and the other a classroom teacher.  During their shared lunch they came up with the idea for these books and they have continued to work together even though they no longer live in the same state or work together.

Product Details

Pub. Date: January 2004
Publisher: Scholastic, Inc.
Format: Paperback , 81pp
Age Range: 7 to 10
Series: Adventures of the Bailey School Kids: Special Series
ISBN-13: 9780439408349
ISBN: 0439408342

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