Wednesday, April 20, 2011

X/1999 Prelude Vol. 1 Story and Art by Clamp


As part of the X/1999 series, this volume features breathless action and stunning art. When Kamui returns to Tokyo, he learns that his childhood girlfriend Kotori and psychic Princess Hitoni are having strange dreams about his role in a coming apocalypse! Is he the angel of salvation, or the devil of destruction?

My thoughts:
I wanted to explore other books in this genre.  I think this would count as a manga book, but if I am wrong I am quite open to correction.  The manga books I've read so far were all of novels that I have already read, so the characters were familiar and the story was one I already knew but was looking at in a different way.  This book was all new to me.  The first time I started it I wasn't even sure if I would finish it or not.  Things kept throwing me.  Male characters with names ending with "a" while female characters ended in "i".  I had to start it again after putting it down for a few days.

The action was interesting and the storyline is intriguing.  I can see why it is rated T for teen, not for anything romantic in nature but for the the very violent fighting.  It is going to take a few more books for me to see if this is what books set in Tokyo are all like.  I am still on the fence too as to whether I want to continue reading these.  I want to make sure to broaden my reading.  I tend to get stuck on a certain type of book and then keep reading in one genre so to be a more well rounded reader I am branching out.  Luckily my library has a very large collection of these, so if I do decide to keep going I won't be stuck spending a lot of money!  I am going to look for volume 2 next week to see where the story goes.

Product Details

Pub. Date: April 2003
Publisher: VIZ Media LLC
Format: Paperback , 200pp
Series: X/1999 Series , #1
ISBN-13: 9781569319499
ISBN: 1569319499

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